Soumra French Bulldogs


Contract for the Sale of a Pet Quality French Bulldog Puppy


Instructions for Deposit


If paying your $500 deposit by check, please make it payable to William Furman and place a note under the memo line. This deposit will be applied to the total purchase price of a pet quality puppy. The purchase price is $___.


The remaining balance/ money owed of $___ must be paid in full at or before the time you pick up your puppy. Payment can be made by a certified check (if drawn on a bank within the United States), PayPal or cash. If payment made by Paypal, you must add the added Paypal fee to your payment.


If the buyer making this deposit decides after completing this contract and sending a deposit that they do NOT want a puppy within 1 calendar month, one half (1/2) of the deposit will be retained by seller with a partial refund returned to the buyer.


Completed contract can be mailed to:

Bill Furman


Documents must carry original, non-digital signatures. Photocopies or PDF documents are not acceptable.


Buyer is encouraged to keep a copy of their contract on file for the life of this dog.


Soumra French Bulldogs is dedicated to the improvement of the French Bulldog. The intent of this contract is to assure that the dogs produced from this kennel will receive appropriate care and will be protected from indiscriminate breeding, so that the outstanding qualities of health and temperament are enhanced. It is to be recognized that this French Bulldog puppy represents many years of careful breeding and is considered to be of extreme value both to the seller and to the buyer.


I, William Furman (hereafter known as the ‘seller’), agree to SELL a ______________ French Bulldog for pet/companion for the sale price of $_______ to ______________.


Contract Date:


AKC Registration #:


Litter Registration #:


Registered Name:


Whelped on:






To the Buyer(s):


whose address is:






Zip/Postal Code:






This dog is being sold for the sum of $


A deposit in the amount of $500.00 has been paid by the Buyer on ______, ____, leaving a balance of $_____ which is owed on this dog.



Seller: Bill Furman










Initial Health Clause


Buyer is mandated to take this puppy to a veterinarian within 72 hours for a thorough check up/ exam. If, for any reason, the veterinarian deems this puppy to be unhealthy, buyer may return dog to seller for a full refund of purchase price. Alternately, buyer may choose to obtain veterinary treatment for said puppy. Seller reserves the right to obtain a written diagnosis of this dog’s diagnosis from buyer’s veterinarian, and to have their own veterinarian provide a second opinion on said diagnosis, before paying any incurred veterinary costs. In some cases, seller may require buyer to obtain a secondary diagnostic opinion from a secondary consulting veterinarian or veterinarian specialist in buyer’s region. Seller will cover cost of this secondary diagnosis. If seller’s vet and/or secondary veterinary specialist are in agreement regarding treatment this dog requires, seller will cover cost of said treatment up to but not exceeding purchase price of said dog.


Hereditary Illness Guarantee


This dog is guaranteed against any serious, life threatening genetic defects till they are 2 years of age. If a life threatening genetic defect (i.e.; grade 3 or higher heart murmur, liver shunt, von Willebrands disease, severe megaeosophagus, etc) occurs within that time frame, the buyer will be given another puppy of equal value or receive a refund of veterinary expenses associated with this condition up to the purchase price of the puppy. This refund or replacement shall be carried out at the breeder’s discretion, once a letter from the diagnosing vet is provided. A second opinion will be obtained at the breeder’s expense at a vet of the breeders choosing and permission to speak with that vet will be provided prior to paying any vet consult bill. If the puppy dies within 1 (one) year of the purchase date, the buyer has the option of a replacement pup from the next litter under the stipulations: (1) a necropsy must be performed on the dog/ bitch from a licensed veterinarian within 24 hours of death and the report forwarded to the seller for review from himself and his veterinarian, and (2) provided that the Sellers veterinarian concurs from the necropsy report that the cause of death was due to a genetic condition, the seller will refund sale price or replace the puppy.


Hereditary allergies, parasites, stenotic nares, hemi vertebrae, malformed or butterfly vertebrae, retinal folds or accidents & illnesses of a non-hereditary nature are not included in this guarantee. The breeder is not responsible for veterinary charges other than those spelled out within this agreement once this Agreement has been signed.


Hip and Joint


Hip and joint problems can be caused by or influenced by overfeeding, improper diet, failure to maintain proper weight, failure to provide sufficient exercise, over-exercising or improper exercising which would be out of our control.


The guarantee of the hips does not cover problems that are environmentally induced. The purchaser should take great care in bringing up the Puppy. The Puppy should not be allowed to jump from great heights taller than itself (for example avoid jumping off a porch or out of a truck), or run up and down stairs or do a lot of running and sliding on slick surfaces or be subjected to strenuous exercise. Before a pup reaches about age 15 months, his tendons are not strong enough to bear weight from impact… lax tendons allow the head of the hip bone to bang into the hip socket causing trauma to cartilage and bone. This can cause hip dysplasia and elbow problems. Seller will not be responsible for this kind of damage. Should the Puppy develop hip dysplasia even after proper care and proper food, then the pup will be replaced with a pup of equal or greater value from the next litter. We will not replace a pup until we have received a copy of the x-rays accompanied by a letter from the examining veterinarian. This letter should also include proof of regular veterinary visits that documented a healthy maintained weight up until the diagnosis of hip dysplasia. After we have reviewed the x-rays, we reserve the right to forward the x-rays to our veterinarian or to OFA (Orthopedic Foundation of for further evaluation before the pup is replaced. We will replace a pup only once, as such an occurrence is highly unlikely in the first place if proper care is given. This replacement does not include the cost of transportation or medical-related expenses.


We do not guarantee temperament. We bred only from dogs that have demonstrated great stable temperament. All our Puppies are temperament tested and sound when delivered. We take great pains to provide a secure, loving environment for our Puppies from birth and provide daily proper socialization. After delivery, the responsibility is on the Buyer to provide a good environment with proper socialization. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to keep the Puppy free from harm and bad interactions with other people, dogs and animals. Any negative exposure of the puppy to a bad experience with other dogs or people can cause lasting effects. Be gentle with your Puppy and use Positive Reinforcement ( Praise him when he does “good” - ignore his mistakes, don’t overuse the words “No” or “Nein”) to train him. Do NOT hit your puppy or do silly things like rub his nose in urine or feces “accidents”.


Day to Day Care


The Buyer assumes all responsibility for the day-to-day health and temperament of this animal, and agrees to keep this animal up to date on all inoculations and parasite preventatives, including flea, tick and heart worm medication. Buyer agrees to request that their veterinarian follow Dr. Jean Dodd’s revised vaccination schedule for this dog. A copy of Dr. Dodd's vaccination protocol will be provided for their records/ viewing.


Buyer agrees to provide this animal with a healthy, clean, safe home environment. If the dog is found to be living in an unsafe, unhealthy environment, and/or its life is in jeopardy, deemed by sellers and/or their agents, all ownership rights revert back to the seller immediately. Conditions covered by this clause include but are not limited to malnutrition, neglect, abuse, and lack of adequate shelter or veterinary care. At no time will the dog be left exposed to the outside elements (wind, rain, heat, or cold) or left outside when no one is home. This dog will not be allowed to run at large and will be kept leashed or secured in a yard at all times when outdoors. The Buyer agrees that they will pay any and all court costs and lawyer fees associated with enforcing this.


Non Breeding/Limited Registration Clause


Buyer agrees that this dog has been purchased as a PET/COMPANION animal without any right to or expectation of breeding said animal. This dog shall be spayed or neutered on or before eight months of age, if dog has not already been altered before placement. Buyer understands that if this dog has been sold with "Limited AKC REGISTRATION” and that this means that should a litter be produced from this dog, the resulting puppies WILL NOT be eligible for AKC or CKC registration. Puppies produced by this dog, whether sired or whelped, will become the property of the sellers, and the seller shall pursue damages in the amount of not less than $5,000 for pain and suffering incurred as a result of this breeding. The Buyer will pay any and all court costs and lawyer fees associated with enforcing this clause.


Registration and Non Encumbrances Clause


The seller guarantees this animal to be purebred and registered/ registerable with the American Kennel, unless otherwise specified herein, and to be free of any liens or encumbrances resulting from terms of a stud contract, veterinary fees, leases or co-ownerships.


Non-Placement Clause


The buyer agrees that, should he ever decide to part with this dog, become incapable of caring for this dog, or be forced to surrender ownership of this dog, dog shall be returned to seller. Seller agrees to pay any shipping costs incurred as a result of return of this dog, up to the amount of $400 USD.


Buyer must contact seller by registered letter at the address provided at time of purchase stating their intent to relinquish ownership of this dog. Seller shall have one week (seven days) to respond to this letter and arrange to either take possession of this dog, or have alternate arrangements for care made for this dog.


If buyer sells, trades, surrenders to a shelter or rescue group or gives away this dog to any party, without first notifying seller by registered letter as outlined above, and then obtaining express written permission from seller by registered letter to do so, seller shall pursue legal damages in an amount not less than $5,000 for pain and suffering incurred as a result of this unwarranted transfer of ownership.


This penalty exists to emphasize the importance seller places on this dog’s lifetime well being, and to insist on their rights to remain informed and involved in the choice of home for this dog. The Buyer agrees that they will pay any and all court costs and lawyer fees associated with enforcing this.


Continuing Contact Clause


Buyer agrees to keep seller informed of any changes of physical property address, email address and/or phone number during the ownership of this dog.


Health Information Clause


Buyer agrees to keep seller informed of any severe illnesses, loss, injury or death, which may affect this dog. Buyer agrees that if for any reason hip or spinal x-rays are performed on this dog, a copy will be provided to the seller’s veterinarian. Seller agrees to pay cost of x-ray copies and shipping of said copies to seller’s veterinarian.


Non Adherence to Contract Clause


The buyer agrees that, should he not meet any and all terms of this agreement, the seller may repossess this animal, after giving five days written notice. The buyer agrees to pay any lawyers’ fees, court costs, traveling and shipping expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses incurred by the seller in repossessing this animal. Any legal matters pertaining to this dog and between sellers and buyers shall be carried out in seller’s jurisdiction of choice.


This contract, signed and dated on (date) in (city, state, country), supersedes any and all other contracts or agreements, whether written or verbal. In any and all legal action pertaining to this dog (dog's name), this contract shall be considered to be legally binding.


By signing this agreement/contract, we affirm that we have read, understood and agree to abide to the terms set forth for our mutual benefit and the advancement and protection of this French Bulldog detailed herein.


This is the entire purchase contract and no other promises or stipulations are included in this sale. Seller reserves the right to demand all legal fees and court costs incurred as a result of pursuing their rights to have the conditions of this contract upheld to be paid by the buyer and or their agents or interested parties."


Seller certifies that all statements made in this contract are true and correct to the best of her knowledge.


We the UNDERSIGNED have read and understand the guarantees & conditions of sale, which this contract outlines. The UNDERSIGNED Buyer hereby acknowledges having read the terms of the Contract and does hereby agree to abide by each of the provisions set forth above.